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A music box reminds us of our childhood days. It helped put us to a good night’s sleep when we were still young. And up to now, we are calmed and eased by the tune from our musical boxes. It is never a wonder why parents put music boxes inside a child’s room.  Because of the comforting tune you hear from it, you’d surely be relieved from the busy and buzzing world that you are in.

Aside from the tune in musical boxes, the different designs or themes that go with it bring a certain glow in one’s room. You can collect the most beautiful designs of musical boxes and have it as timeless collectibles in your homes.

Music Box – A Brief History

The music box dates back to the 18th century. The first musical boxes were made in Switzerland. Soon after the war, several factories opened in the world including United States. Pocket-sized musical boxes were the first few designs that came out; and it was followed by music boxes that are as big as furniture. Today, most music boxes are designed for tabletop display. They are often placed inside children’s rooms or sited in living rooms for display purposes.

Music Box – Your Choices

A music box has several varieties. There are antique music boxes which are made mostly out of wood and there are carousel music boxes that are not shaped like a box at all. Additionally, there’s that famous ballerina music box where a little figurine magically dances around the mirrored display. Your choices for these collectibles come in a wide variety of options. You can decide on several designs and musical tunes as well.

Music Box – The Costs

A music box can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. Simple musical boxes are much cheaper while antique designs are a tad higher in price. Brands are also a factor in the costs. Popular manufacturers usually sell their items in steep prices while those new in the business offer affordable purchases. To save more, you can compare prices and see which among them offers you the best rates.

Music Box – Where To Find Them

A music box can be found in several stores. Usually, they are seen in antique collectibles or can be bought directly from the manufacturers themselves. A variety of these collectibles can also be greatly found over the internet. Online shopping allows for a faster and wider search. Most people find internet purchases more convenient and easier to do.

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