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The Classic Charm Of Reuge Music Boxes

Lovers of music boxes owe a great deal to tobacco snuff.  The first music boxes were European snuff boxes that could play a charming little tune.  Inevitably, someone thought, “Can we just have the tune without the snuff?”  The first of these snuff-less music boxes (called musical boxes in Europe) were made in Switzerland in the 1800’s.    One of the best music box maker was named Charles Reuge, who was originally a watchmaker.  He started a factory that continues today making highly collectable art in the form of Reuge music boxes.

Highest Luxury

In the world of music box collecting, a Reuge is like Dom Perignon or Rolls Royce.  Reuge music boxes are synonymous with luxury and prestige.  You can’t just wake up one day  and say, “I fancy popping down to the shop and picking up some Reuge musical boxes” – well, not unless you’re Donald Trump.  Reuge music boxes often cost thousands of American dollars – even ones that are brand new.

Reuge music boxes are also usually considered the blueprint which all other kinds of music boxes copy.  The Japanese Sankyo company produces highly collectable but more affordable music boxes – some of which are almost carbon-copies of Reuge music boxes.  Sorrento music boxes combine the music-making mechanism of a Reuge with spectacular inlaid boxes.  But the daddy of them all is considered to be a Reuge.

Functional Art

In keeping with the tradition of musical snuff boxes, Reuge music boxes often are functional as well as beautiful and tuneful.  They make musical jewelry boxes, musical candle holders, musical clocks and musical tables.  They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials and price tags.  They also make musical bird figurines on top of boxes or clocks, called “singing birds”.

You can’t buy Reuge music boxes directly from the factory, but there are many authorized dealers of these eye and ear opening pieces of art.  The factory is willing to make repairs for your music box and to help you with any value quotations or instructions, but please keep the questions reasonable and be aware that they get a lot of mail to plow through.

You can register your all of new Reuge music boxes with the factory in order to take advantage of a limited guarantee.  You can download a copy of the guarantee online, which is sent to you in a PDF format, so you will need Abode Reader in order to see it.

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