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What The Heck Are Schmind Music Boxes?

One of the most collectable American made music boxes are made by Schmind of Massachusetts and Toronto, Canada.  They made a wide variety of figurines, gifts and Christmas ornaments as well as Schmind music boxes.  These music boxes were topped by famous figures like Disney characters, the Muppets or Beatrix Potter characters like Peter Rabbit.  Although Schmind music boxes only made up a fraction of what Schmind produced, they are perhaps the most valuable to collectors.

No Longer Available

Sadly, Schmind music boxes can only be found in secondary markets, collector’s sales and specialty music box websites because Schmind went out of business in 1995.  This not only makes finding Schmind music boxes harder, but also greatly increases the value of those that you do find.  It’s very hard to find a good condition Schmint for a reasonable price.

America has not been a land of opportunity for music box makers.  Regina music boxes, once the rage, were halted in 1919.  Schmind looked to be a North American institution until 1995 rolled around.  As of this writing, the only factory in America that still makes music boxes is Enesco.  Music boxes consist only a small portion of a large product line up for Enesco.

Writing Was On The Wall

Although only employees of Schmind know for sure why their company collapsed in the hard economic climate of the 1990’s, part of the reason had to be quality of the products they put out.  These were items destined to spend the rest of their lives bouncing from flea market to basement to benefit sale.  They were tacky beyond extreme with achingly cute characters doing incredibly cute things.

Surely, the soundtrack of Artist Hell must be a wall full of Schmid music boxes playing at once.  Even if they were all playing the same tune, the effect surely must be insufferable for people with some degree of graphic design and self respect.  Many Schmidt music boxes are things you wouldn’t be caught dead admitting that you owned.

However, now that the factory is out of business, many collectors are taking another look and swallowing their egos to deal in Schmid music boxes.  Going out of business was probably the best thing that ever happened to Schmid music boxes.  Even a ridiculous three inch high monstrosity of Mickey Mouse dressed up as Santa going down a snow-covered house’s chimney can fetch nearly $100 (US).  There’s money in schmaltz, especially if it’s rare schmaltz.

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